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bush trimming


Keep your yard looking great! We will shape shrubs and smaller ornamental trees and remove dead branches and debris. Dobis Landscaping provides shrub, tree, and bush trimming for both commercial and residential clients.

For over a decade, Dobis Landscaping has been providing the highest quality lawn care, landscaping, fertilizing and pest control services to our customers in the Great Lakes Bay Region.

Leave the bush trimming to us 
While your neighbors are complaining about mowing the lawn on Saturdays when they’d rather sleep in, you can focus on things you’d rather think about, like spending time with your family – well, and going grocery shopping for the week (Sorry, we can’t help you there!).
Making the cut
Pruning is beneficial to plants’ health for myriad reasons. But, do you know if the type of bushes in your yard should be pruned in early spring, late spring, early summer, or midsummer? Don’t worry! We will keep track of it.
Pruned young shrubs grow fuller. We take care to cut slightly above healthy buds at 45 degrees and facing away from the bud. This encourages lower side branches to develop. We also make sure to time these cuts to avoid disrupting the plants’ flowering.
For older shrubs, we thin out the weak branches to open up the middle of the bush to additional sunlight, keeping its branches healthy.
Time to prune…
Some pruning is important to do year round. For example, we regularly remove dead branches. Other pruning is season specific and can injure a plant, stunt its growth, or unintentionally eliminate its foliage and flower production. At Dobbis Landscaping, we keep track of the calendar to keep your plants healthy and maximize blossoming.
Key benefits include:
  • Beautiful bushes with controlled shape
  • Maximizing healthy growth
  • No need to pay attention to the calendar (we keep track of ideal pruning times)

Let us provide you with a cost-effective bid for your landscaping needs. Have questions? Contact us for fast and friendly service!

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