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A sprinkler system simplifies your life. You just have to set a watering schedule – and that’s about it! The system stays invisible until you turn it on, so it doesn’t distract from your landscaping. Watering consistently keeps your grass healthy. You don’t have to worry about being out and about. After the sprinkler system installation, the timer’s got your back!

For over a decade, Dobis Landscaping has been providing the highest quality lawn care, landscaping, fertilizing and pest control services to our customers in the Great Lakes Bay Region.

What is a sprinkler system?
Sprinkler systems provide water to your plants and lawn on a schedule. Never pick up a watering bucket or hose again!

Types of sprinkler systems
There are two main types of sprinkler systems.
  • Overhead sprinklers – Most common type
  • Drip irrigation – Used for garden beds and yards alike. Good for those of whom want to use less water
Things to consider
A few questions to ask yourself.
  • What are you watering? The watering needs of grass, shrubs, and trees differ.
  • Will you change the landscape? We can install the sprinkler system to support your specific set-up.
  • Will you plant new flowers? Let us know what your future plans are or let us help you design your new landscape. If the landscape changes we want to install the sprinkler to optimize for the new set-up.
Sprinkler System Design
A well-designed sprinkler system will spoil you and you won’t remember life before it. With their invisible design, you might forget its even there until turned on. What are you waiting for?

Who can benefit from it? 
  • Busy people
  • People who (conveniently) forget easily
  • Seniors or handicapped people who cannot do heavy lifting
  • Kids who want to put on bathing suits and run through sprinklers
Key benefits include: 
  • Never forget to water
  • Water on schedule even if you’re not home
  • Even coverage
  • Coverage appropriate to type of foliage

Let us provide you with a cost-effective bid for your landscaping needs. Have questions? Contact us for fast and friendly service!

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