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It’s important to keep up on sprinkler system maintenance. It keeps things running well now and prevents future problems. Sprinkler system maintenance is important in order to identify leaks, broken lines, or misdirected sprinkler heads. You want to ensure your equipment is working efficiently.

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Why is sprinkler system maintenance important?
  • Proper water distribution –Neglect could result in dry spots on your lawn, obstructed sprinkler heads, or water being wasted on driveways or roads.
  • Yard safety – Your sprinkler heads might be a tripping hazard.
  • A beautiful home – A well-maintained sprinkler system makes for an attractive yard and home.  
Tips to take care of your sprinkler system:
How often should I inquire about maintenance? 
Check with the system manufacturer’s advice about proper maintenance and upkeep or discuss it with us. Generally, it will need to be periodically checked.
Broken sprinkler heads 

Broken sprinkler heads need to be replaced right away to help prevent wet spots and wasted water. Cracked or broken plastic casing on the heads, heads that don’t pop up, water spraying wildly or not at all are all signs of a broken sprinkler head. Sometimes the top of the head is completely broken off. This can happen if the sprinkler heads are run over by vehicles or hit by lawn mowers. 


Key benefits include:
  • Assurance you’re not wasting water
  • Any safety hazards eliminated

Regular sprinkler maintenance can help prevent the following:


Dirt inside sprinkler heads 

Sometimes dirt enters the sprinkler heads and they clog up. They might not spray, cease to go back underground or show an erratic spray pattern.

Low water pressure 
Sometimes sprinkler heads don’t shoot out water anymore or the sprinkler heads cease popping up.
Dysfunctional zone 
Your watering system is divided into zones, each with an electrically activated valve that controls the heads for a designated area. A zone that’s not turning on is usually an electrical problem.
Damaged wires 
Severed or bad wires to the control valve or damaged field or common wires should be promptly fixed.
Inaccurate spray patterns 
Sprinkler heads should water your lawn, not the street.
Leakage could indicate damage to the sprinkler heads or piping. Damp spots in your yard are a telling sign.

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